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There are a lot of websites powered by Elgg. Some examples include the Australian Government, the British Government or UNESCO. All these websites use different Elgg themes and the platform's functionality has been expanded to fit their specific needs Elgg is an award-winning open source social networking engine that provides a robust framework on which to build all kinds of social environments, from a campus wide social network for your university, school or college or an internal collaborative platform for your organization through to a brand-building communications tool for your company and its clients Elgg Documentation (master)¶ Elgg (pronunciation) is an open source rapid development framework for socially aware web applications.It is a great fit for building any app where users log in and share information

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2 ELGG in education. ELGG has been used in education to implement platforms that require social interactions in various forms. For example, Thoms & Eryilmaz (2018) explore the design and implementation of online social networking (OSN) software as a mechanism to support participants in service-learning courses. More specifically, we. The most common cause for this is adding or removing the www when accessing the site. For example, www.elgg.org vs elgg.org. This causes a problem with session handling because of the way that web browsers save cookies. To fix this, you can add rewrite rules. To redirect from www.elgg.org to elgg.org in Apache, the rules might look like The call to elgg_register_page_handler()tells Elgg that it shouldcall the function hello_world_page_handler()when user goes navigates tohttps://elgg.example.com/hello/*. The hello_world_page_handler()passes off rendering the actual page to theresources/helloview The Elgg installer will try to create two files for you: - engine/settings.php, which contains the database settings for your: installation - settings.php, which contains local environment configuration for your installation - .htaccess, which allows Elgg to generate dynamic URLs: If these files can't be automatically generated, for example.

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Elgg is a free, open source and self-hosted social networking application that can be used to create your own social networking website. You can easily create social networks for your university, organization, school and college using Elgg What is Elgg Multisite? Available for Elgg 2.3.5, Multisite for Elgg allows you to run multiple separate Elgg sites off of the same install of the codebase, saving disk space and making administration a whole bunch easier.. Once installed, adding new Elgg sites is a matter of clicking on a button and entering in some details. What can I do with it

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An Elgg file repository RSS feed automatically doubles as an RSS feed, so you can subscribe to new audio content using programs like iTunes. Special content It is possible for other plugins to add to the players available for different content types. It's possible for a plugin author to embed a viewer for Word documents, for example Elgg provides each user with a personal weblog, file repository (with podcasting capabilities), an online profile, and an RSS reader. Additionally, all of a user's content can be tagged with keywordsâ€so they can connect with other users with similar interests and create their own personal learning network. However, where Elgg differs from a regular weblog or a commercial social network. In English, Elgg does not take an article when used as a noun. Here are some examples to emulate: I'm using Elgg to run my website Install Elgg to get your community online When used as an adjective, the article applies to the main noun, so you should use one. For example: Go to the Elgg community website to get help. I built an Elgg-based network yesterday This.

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The Elgg Web Application. We use an open-source web application called Elgg in this lab. Elgg is a web-based social-networking application. It is already set up in the pre-built Ubuntu VM image. We have also created several user accounts on the Elgg server and the credentials are given below. User UserName Password Admin admin seedelgg Alice. Plugins shouldplace scripts for actions an actions/directory, and furthermore shoulduse the name of the action to determine the location within that directory. For example, the action my/example/actionwould go in my_plugin/actions/my/example/action.php. This makes it very obvious which script is associated with which action

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Example: there were no defined collaboration groups in Elgg, because we hadn't included them in our original papers. It was only when users continually asked for them, and we spoke to sample users to figure out what they needed, that they were added Elgg est un logiciel libre permettant de mettre en place un réseau social en ligne. Il fournit notamment des outils de blog, de microblogging, de partage de fichiers, de mise en réseau des profils d'utilisateurs, de gestion de groupes d'utilisateurs, d'agrégation de données et de nombreuses autres fonctionnalités •Add more byinstalling plugins- for example, blogs, forums, social bookmarks •Develop your own features via plugins •Hire someone to do the above for you 1.2Bundled plugins Elgg comes with a set of plugins. These provide the basic functionality for your social network. 1.2.1Blog A weblog, or blog, is arguably one of the fundamental DNA pieces of most types of social networking site. The.

$ msg = elgg_echo (installation:htaccess:needs_upgrade); if ($ msg === installation:htaccess:needs_upgrade) {$ msg = You must update your .htaccess file so that the path is injected . into the GET parameter __elgg_uri (you can use htaccess_dist as a guide).;. into the GET parameter __elgg_uri (you can use install/config/htaccess.dist as a guide).; Cette page est en chantier ! Une petite définition pour rappeler les concepts associés au réseautage social . Il existe beaucoup de services en ligne permettant de faire du réseautage : les copains d'avant, FaceBook.Ce que nous vous proposons : installer sur un serveur web une application qui rend les mêmes services, mais sans les inconvénients de ses plateformes : publicité, etc A sample NGINX configuration for Elgg. < Your Cookie Settings. Analytics cookies are off for visitors from the UK or EEA unless they click Accept or submit a form on nginx.com. They're on by default for everybody else. Follow the instructions here to deactivate analytics cookies. This deactivation will work even if you later click Accept or submit a form. Check this box so we and our. Elgg peut être vu comme un environnement d'apprentissage (VLE - Virtual Learning Environment) qui propose toute une panoplie d'outils. L'approche Web 2.0 de Elgg permet à l'utilisateur d'intégrer - par des flux RSS par exemple - des informations d'autres plateformes dans son environnement d'apprentissage Elgg is a open source social networking engine, that can help you build your own social site, public or private. Learn more Top users; Synonyms; 205 questions . Newest. Active. Bountied. Unanswered. More Bountied 0; Unanswered Frequent Votes Unanswered (my tags) Filter Filter by. No answers. No accepted answer. Has bounty. Sorted by. Newest. Recent activity. Most votes. Most frequent.

Elgg is an award-winning social networking engine, delivering the building blocks that enable businesses, schools, universities and associations to create their own fully-featured social networks and applications. It offers blogging, microblogging, file sharing, networking, groups and a number of other features elgg_crontab_example. clu55ter. Apr 13th, 2015. 374 . Never . Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text 0.98 KB . raw download clone embed print report # Crontab example. # # This file is an example of triggering Elgg cron events. It hits a URL to # trigger the events. For testing, you can simulate the cronjob by loading the # URL in a browser. # # See http. If you need more functionality than what Elgg offers out-of-the-box there are a couple of options: •Add more byinstalling plugins- for example, blogs, forums, social bookmarks •Develop your own features via plugins •Hire someone to do the above for you 1.2Bundled plugins Elgg comes with a set of plugins. These provide the basic.

Elgg is open source social networking software that provides individuals and organizations with the components needed to create an online social environment. It offers blogging, microblogging, file sharing, networking, groups and a number of other features. It was also the first platform to bring ideas from commercial social networking platforms to educational software. History. Elgg was the. Elgg is an open-source social networking service. Elgg allows users to build customized social networks for their groups, workplace, campus, and friends. The Elgg API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Elgg with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include building APIs, managing users, and retrieving networ Elgg Described, with Examples. June 27, 2006 ~ joanvinallcox. Supporting online communities with Elgg. by Josie Fraser, with help from Sasan Salari. Elgg is an open-source social software programme which is free for institutions to download and use. Elgg provides an excellent way to investigate e-portfolio provision or to support your college communities online. By laying out a number of. Elgg Documentation, Release 1.10 Elgg(pronunciation) is a rapid development framework with built-in social features. It is a great fit for building any app where users log in and share information. It has been used to buildall kinds of social apps: •open networks (similar to Facebook) •topical (like the Elgg Community) •private intranets •datin

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  1. Elgg has implemented a countermeasure to defend against CSRF attacks. In Add-Friend HTTP re-quests, you may notice that each request includes two wired-looking parameters, elgg tsand elgg token. These parameters are used by the countermeasure, so if they do not contain correct values, the request will not be accepted by Elgg. We have disabled.
  2. This will for example let you: Set up your own version of Ning or Buddypress In your organisation or institution, easily set up Elgg sites for each department
  3. IST611 [September 11, 2006 through October 22, 2006]: Electronic Whiteboards [October 23, 2006 through December 3, 2006]: Elgg Thursday, November 09, 2006 Example for Elgg
  4. Elgg needs a special folder to store uploaded files, including profile icons and Copy engine/settings.example.php to engine/settings.php, open it up in a text settings.example.php in elgg located at /engine
  5. It's structure is very helpful for making Elgg usable and extendable for people without much DBA experience. For example, if you want to track a member's age, you can just programmaticly add an age attribute to an instance of a user, and Elgg takes care of creating a new meta-field for you. I'm guessing your fear is that it won't scale, but in my, and other site's experience, it scales quite well. And by using their schema, you also get their built in data access/security for free
  6. Elgg is an open source social networking platform. Installatron Remote is a one-click solution to install and manage all of your Elgg websites. Using Installatron helps ensure Elgg is kept up-to-date and secure, and Installatron features like Clone , Backup and Restore , and Backup Scheduling can save you time
  7. g site run by MIT. We're also launching a range of themed blogs that cover the subject areas we d

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Elgg is an award-winning open source rapid development framework for developing all kinds of social network applications. As one of the original developers on the Elgg project, I was responsible for many of the early development work and architectural decisions. Since then I have been involved in numerous Elgg based projects both large and small, tech edited the Elgg book, and have developed. Elgg enables them to create an online identity, publish their thoughts, meet new people, join communities, converse with others, and share text, photo, sound, and video files. Use of Elgg in combination with classroom study of grammar, vocabulary, and syntax gives students a chance to regularly record their progress as they put what they are learning to immediate use in self-directed. ; Example:; error_append_string = </span>; Log errors to specified file. PHP's default behavior is to leave this value; empty.; http://php.net/error-log; Example:; error_log = php_errors.log: error_log = W:\XAMPP\php\logs\php_error_log ; Log errors to syslog (Event Log on NT, not valid in Windows 95).; error_log = syslog; windows.show_crt_warnin

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Post processing Elgg views - Trac tags example. Posted on July 6, 2009 by Marcus Povey. There are a number of ways that an Elgg plugin developer can manipulate views via the powerful Elgg views system. Most Elgg programmers are by now familiar with extending or replacing existing views, or providing new views for new objects etc. But what if you just wanted to make a simple tweak to an. ViewerJS is a script that lets you display documents. I decided to integrate ViewerJS in Elgg to enhance the document sharing experience. I would like to point out that this plugin uses few server resources, and will not slow down your site. Features and Benefits of ViewerJS. ViewerJS comes with several features and provides with key benefits that will keep your server healthy. Just a few of. Get code examples like uninstall elgg from hostgtor instantly right from your google search results with the Grepper Chrome Extension For example: COMPOSER=composer-other.json php composer.phar install. The generated lock file will use the same name: composer-other.lock in this example. COMPOSER_ALLOW_SUPERUSER# If set to 1, this env disables the warning about running commands as root/super user. It also disables automatic clearing of sudo sessions, so you should really only. For example, if your name is Jane Doe, you should be handing in two files named JaneDoe-project3.zip and JaneDoe-project3.pdf. the Elgg web application. For the browser, we need to use the LiveHTTPHeaders extension for Firefox to inspect the HTTP requests and responses. The pre-built Ubuntu VM image provided to you has already installed the Firefox web browser with the.

As an example if we successfully implemented this with Drupal ; we can bridge other application like Elgg, Wordpress without coding inside Drupal. I've implemented Joomla version for this last GSOC and now it can be available here (called JConnekt) . [1] Read more. Categories: elgg, intergration, json, wordpress, Student Proposal. Integration of Elgg, Drupal, Moodle, and Mediawiki. Posted by. Elgg is an award winning PHP engine for running your own full fledged social network. It has great community support in the form of plugins and themes made by official developers and the user community. Here's how to install and setup Elgg on a Debia For example, if you installed Elgg in a directory named elgg, transfer the file to the public_html/elgg/mod directory. Log in to your account using SSH. Type the following command: cd ~/public_html/mod. If you transferred the gutwacaptcha.zip file to a different directory, change to that directory instead. To extract the plugin files, type the following command: unzip gutwacaptcha.zip; Use. Here's an example: Msnbot, discobot, and Slurp are all called out specifically, so those user-agents will only pay attention to the directives in their sections of the robots.txt file. All other user-agents will follow the directives in the user-agent: * group. Example robots.txt: Here are a few examples of robots.txt in action for a www.example.com site: Robots.txt file URL: www.example.com.

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  1. Créer un compte. Vous n'avez pas encore de compte Developpez.com ? L'inscription est gratuite et ne vous prendra que quelques instants ! Je m'inscris
  2. The php.ini directives handled by extensions are documented on the respective pages of the extensions themselves. A list of the core directives is available in the appendix. Not all PHP directives are necessarily documented in this manual: for a complete list of directives available in your PHP version, please read your well commented php.ini file
  3. Back to: ASP.NET Web API Tutorials For Begineers and Professionals Token Based Authentication in Web API. In this article, I am going to discuss how to implement Token Based Authentication in Web API to secure the server resources with an example. Please read our previous article where we discussed how to implement Client-Side HTTP Message Handler with some examples
  4. For example function name will remain same but it take different number of arguments and can do different task. Overloading − a type of polymorphism in which some or all of operators have different implementations depending on the types of their arguments. Similarly functions can also be overloaded with different implementation. Data Abstraction − Any representation of data in which the.
  5. In-Text Example: Reference List Example: Book: Single Author (Holt 1997) or Holt (1997) wrote that... Holt, DH 1997, Management principles and practices, Prentice-Hall, Sydney. Book: 2 or 3 Authors (McCarthy, William & Pascale 1997) McCarthey, EJ, William, DP & Pascale, GQ 1997, Basic marketing, Irwin, Sydney. Book: More Than 3 Authors (Bond et al. 1996) Bond, WR, Smith, JT, Brown, KL & George.
  6. The use of information and communication technology in the implementation of collaborative models emphasizing the importance of learning communities, in which teachers share their experiences, reflect on outcomes, and co-construct knowledge abou

Ce tasbeslag est une réplique d'un 6ème siècle d'origine a été retrouvée dans Elgg en Suisse. L'original a été trouvé dans la tombe 193 qui était la tombe d'un homme. Le tasbeslag comprend une boucle et se termine par deux têtes de chevaux. Le tasbeslag est entièrement fait de laiton et est de 15 x 5 cm. Détails de produit: Longueur: 15 cm Largeur: 5 cm; Matériel: zamak / zamak. RedirectMatch 302 .* index.php </IfModule> # php 4, apache 2 <IfModule sapi_apache2.c> ErrorDocument 500 Elgg error: Elgg does not support PHP 4. RedirectMatch 302 .* index.php </IfModule> # php 5, apache 1 and 2 <IfModule mod_php5.c> # default memory limit to 64Mb php_value memory_limit 64M # to make sure register global is off php_value register_globals 0 # max post size to 8Mb php_value. As you can see in the preceding example, we are storing strings of characters. After the type, Customizing Elgg Themes. October 27, 2009 - 12:00 am. How to use arrays, lists, and dictionaries in Unity for 3D... May 16, 2018 - 9:00 pm. Basics of Jupyter Notebook and Python. October 11, 2015 - 12:00 am . POPULAR CATEGORY. Tutorials 6365; News 3949; Data News 2756; Web Development News 2255. A free version of Elgg Spaces is available (for up to 50 users, with advertising, and no support). Fully supported and ad-free packages start from £50 per month (approx $95) for up to 200 users. For example, here's some HTML and JavaScript that creates a toast message using the new interface when the user clicks a button: <input type=button value=Say hello onClick=showAndroidToast('Hello Android!') /> <script type=text/javascript> function showAndroidToast(toast) { Android.showToast(toast); } </script>

For example, if the Apache user group is www-data, you'd run the following: chgrp -R www-data sites/default/files chmod -R g+w sites/default/files. Now, the www-data group can write to the files directory. You need to make one more change to the directory to ensure our changes above persist. We will use the setgid bit to ensure any new files created in this directory are also given the correct. Sac mérovingienne raccord Elgg, argenté --show/write review. Details. Dimensions: 15 x 5 cm / / Matériel: zamac argentait / Pour une description détaillée, cliquez ici. 15USP button list (product questions) Livraison gratuite à partir de €75 (BE) / €99 (FR) Questions sur ce produit €22,29 - UE; €18,42 (Sans les taxes - hors UE et entreprises) excl. Frais d'expédition (Livraison. I installed Elgg on my server, and I want to set up a cron job to trigger Elgg's cron job script. What should I do to set up the cron job? Answer: Our webcron service is best for triggering Elgg's cron job script. Just follow below simple steps to configure cron job for your Elgg: Open your cron job dashboard, click on Cron Job button Elgg dating services and find a powerful, log in all kinds of social environments. I am planning to use, 2011. I love it provides the group. Men looking for building blocks for elgg. Myfreepersonals. Before proceeding with the group feedback and planning to elgg site with this cms for your high performance account. Go to build a man. It on others

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  1. Elgg est un framework de construction de plates-formes communautaires, conçue initialement pour des portfolios d'apprentissage à l'université de Brighton, puis élargie à des usages plus généralistes (framework social). Elle est distribuée en GPL2, et en version MIT). Elgg est utilisé dans un cadre pédagogique par plusieurs universités, notamment canadiennes, US et françaises.
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  3. Technorati Tags: elgg Bangladesh digitalliteracy socialnetworking Atif and ELGG: Watch the Video Along with this learning about elgg and collaboration I recently listened to an interview with Nancy White, an online community development consultant who has interesting points to make about identity, learning and communities of practice looking at issues of power, and the needs of bloggers
  4. Posts about elgg written by pmg. Earlier this week, I came across other free and open source social network sites: OneSocialWeb, Crabgrass, and Elgg.. On first blush, Crabgrass and Elgg do not fit exactly in the distributed model of open source social network sites, however, OneSocialWeb, appears as though it does
  5. Toothed belt axes ELGG Characteristics At a glance • Toothed belt axis with two opposing slides • Optimum price/performance ratio • Ready-to-install unit for quick and easy design • High reliability thanks to tested service life of 2500 km per slide • Motor mounting possible on 4 sides with identical mounting accessories • Complete kit for a simple and space-saving solution for end.

Elgg is an open source social networking engine that allows the creation of social environments such as campus social networks and internal collaborative platforms for organizations. Elgg offers a number of social networking features including microblogging, messaging, file-sharing and groups. This tutorial will guide you through the process of installing Elgg on a Ubuntu 18.04 VPS. Our Terms and Conditions Generator makes it easy to create a Terms and Conditions agreement for your business.Just follow these steps: Click on the Terms and Conditions Generator button.At Step 1, select the Website option and click Next step:Answer the questions about your website and click Next step when finished:; Answer the questions about your business practices and click Next step.

Elgg offers a number of social networking features including microblogging, messaging, file-sharing and groups. This tutorial will guide you through the process of installing Elgg on a CentOS 7 VPS. Prerequisites . This tutorial assumes that you have already setup a fresh Vultr Cloud Compute instance with CentOS 7 and have root access. Step 1: Install Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Elgg requires. example, by understanding what the HTTP request for adding friends looks like in Elgg, the attacker could write a simple program to issue the same HTTP request, substituting stolen parameters from the victim's cookie. Firefoxs LiveHTTPHeaders extension can help us; it can display the contents of any HTTP request message sent from the browser. From the contents, we can identify all the parameters in the request. As a

application named Elgg in our pre-built Ubuntu VM image. Elgg is a very popular open-source web application for social network, and it has implemented a number of countermeasures to remedy the XSS threat. To demonstrate how XSS attacks work, we have commented out these countermeasures in Elgg in our installation, intentionally making Elgg vulnerable to XSS attacks. Without the countermeasures. MariaDB - PHP Syntax - MariaDB partners well with a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks such as PHP, C#, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Django, and more. PHP remains th For example, if I have been developing in Python for a few years, Customizing Elgg Themes. October 27, 2009 - 12:00 am. How to use arrays, lists, and dictionaries in Unity for 3D... May 16, 2018 - 9:00 pm. Basics of Jupyter Notebook and Python. October 11, 2015 - 12:00 am. POPULAR CATEGORY . Tutorials 6365; News 3952; Data News 2756; Web Development News 2255; Programming News 1764; Cloud. For example:.. toctree:::numbered: foo bar Numbering then starts at the heading of foo. Sub-toctrees are automatically numbered (don't give the numbered flag to those). Numbering up to a specific depth is also possible, by giving the depth as a numeric argument to numbered. Additional options . If you want only the titles of documents in the tree to show up, not other headings of the same. Browse all of the Elgg photos, GIFs and videos. Find just what you're looking for on Photobucke

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  1. Installer Elgg semble simple de prime abord mais certains détails font qu'il faut passer plus de temps qu'il n'en faut pour tout résoudre. La plupart de mes erreurs sont: - pas d'activation du mod_rewrite - mauvaise écriture de l'url dans .htaccess - mauvais placement du dossier data . Voici donc une checklist pour installer Elgg dans Wamp. J'utilise la version 1.7.9 d.
  2. Go on YouTube right now and search for Security Tokens. You will probably get results like: Why are Security Tokens the future? Are Security Tokens the next big thing? -AMAZONPOLLY-ONLYWORDS-START- So, it seems like there is a lot of hype behind security tokens nowadays. In this guide, we are going to learn everything about security tokens and see if they are worth your time or not
  3. 为了展示利用XSS漏洞攻击者可以做什么,我们在预制的Ubuntu VM映像中设置了名为Elgg的Web应用程序。Elgg是社交网络非常受欢迎的开源Web应用程序 . Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attack Lab (Web Application: Elgg)——山东大学网络攻防实验. 置顶 我有一颗五角星( ・ᴗ・)⸝* 2017-05-22 09:31:25 4669 收藏 2 分类专栏: 网络.
  4. When you visit any web site, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. This information might be about you, your preferences or your device and is mostly used to make the site work as you expect it to
  5. g, default values, and type annotations. Try to keep destructuring expressions small and simple. You can always write the assignments that destructuring would generate.
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From this example we can see that we did not communicate with our script at all, the Expect program did the job for us. The above method can be used for any interactive script or program. Although the script above is very simple to write, perhaps the Expect script is a little inconvenient for some people, you have it well. Using autoexpect command. You can the use autoexpect command if you. User garden journals, photos, groups. A group devoted to furthering the concept of 'breakeven' gardening, a concept in which very small scale home gardeners can lower their cost and increase their yield to a point approaching, equaling or possibly even bettering the total that their gardening expenses could buy at the supermarket Sargh'elgg, meaning valor in slaying, was a fighting style taught among poor drow. It made use of their natural agility and was used in conjunction with light weapons.1 1 Description 2 Training 3 Reputation 4 Appendix 4.1 Background 4.2 References The style was very simple but required extensive training to become a master.1 It focused on striking with a light weapon, for example the rapier. Welcome to the reCAPTCHA developer documentation. reCAPTCHA protects you against spam and other types of automated abuse. Here, we explain how to add reCAPTCHA to your site or application

Custom index with widgets : ElggInstalling Elgg On An ISPConfig 3 System - Page 4 - Page 4CrazyText for Elgg 1How to Install Elgg on Ubuntu VPS - SSHAGAN BLOGBrooklyn&#39;s fractured demographics, as seen in a new reportBLACK POLITICAL BUZZ

Online curation, which in our view is a very good example of O'Reilly's understanding of user participation as participation leading to re-use, combines the authoritative status of bloggers in the early web 2.0 years, with horizontal ways of content distribution according to open, participatory cultures (Jenkins et al., 2005) and with the power of remixing various digital raw resources in. HumHub is a free social network software and framework built to give you the tools to make teamwork easy and successful For example, in places like Michigan students can earn the MCOATT (Michigan Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in Teaching Technology) for submitting an electronic portfolio which demonstrates evidence of technology being used in the classroom. This consortium is an organization aimed to make Michigan one of the leaders in integrating technology into the training of young professionals..

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